CMMS Application


Computerized Maintenance Management System is a digitalized solution that centralizes maintenance information to help with the management of maintenance activities for an organization’s facility’s maintenance operation Our Application is used to perform maintenance on equipment, machineries and devices. It provides the ability to track completed and assigned tasks, helps maintenance engineersworkers do their jobs more effectively, and produces status reports to help management make more informed decisions across all maintenance activities while optimizing the utilization and availability of physical equipment, machinery, communications, plant infrastructures and other assets.

Problem Statement

An automobile giant in Malaysia, approached us for digitizing their maintenance activity where only manual excel sheets are used for reports and facing traceability issues and hence increased downtime.

Our Solution

We proposed to use an internal mobile application along with a web console incorporating all their existing workflows and data of Production Lines, Equipment Lists, Inspection Checklists, Judgement Standards and Stock Checks. With our simple, easy to handle mobile app, the maintenance engineers were now able to receive their schedules as notifications and perform the maintenance and report the same with photo proofs and subsequent approvals will all happen in one place.

Scheduling & Planning

Plan the Plan. Work the Work. An intuitive scheduler eases your life with proper work orders to follow and report.

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Workflow/Task Management

Organizing is a journey, not a destination. Effortlessly assign, organize and track tasks, work orders to completion via an efficient mobile reports

Preventive Maintenance

Be proactive instead of reactive. Minimize disruptions in daily operations and save potential expensive repair costs.

Inventory Management

A well-stocked inventory is a sign of a well-organized business. De-risk over-stock and stockouts by effective inventory management.

Breakdown Maintenance

Inevitables are unavoidable in a Production environment. However minimize the down time by studious and detailed tracking and aligning with inventory for replacements

Maintenance Checklist

Perfection is in the details. Keep your production line well-functioning by choosing maintenance over repairs.

Astounding AnalyticsOur Dashboard unleashes the power of Analytics with Multiple graphical datas, Performance meters, Overall Efficiency Calculators


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