Our CLMS is a customizable elearning solution that ensures rapid implementation, lower operating costs, increased scalability, and easy integration providing on-demand training to any number of employees in a corporate setup in any location with an Internet connection. With the right planning and an interactive and engaging design, our application is the best LMS platform that allows learners the option to learn at their own pace and place. The integrated LMS and CMS feature enables corporates to manage learners, keep track of their progress and performance, and create + distribute new learning materials -- all from one platform!

Problem Statement

Obeikan turned to our company to reorganize, streamline, and transform its existing training system and resources into an on-demand model. The company was reliant on instructor-led training (ILT), often conducted by its most experienced field technicians who are the company’s subject matter experts (SMEs). This training methodology issues like SMEs are not trained educators, Most training material was outdated or redundant, Employees located in multiple locations making the training programs disorganized.

Our Solution

Our project team began by reviewing a set of existing PowerPoint and Word files used in and beyond training, conducted industry research, and augmented our understanding via focused interviews with the SMEs and conducted the following assessments

  • Audience Analysis
  • Gap Analysis
  • Knowledge Assessment
  • Content Analysis

their needs were a perfect fit for an customized LMS solution based on Moodle Architecture. Our team consulted with the client on the formulation and implementation of customized learning management system (LMS) to ensure effective delivery and results tracking in order to assess the success of the curriculum. Client is now able to monitor employees’ progress, outcomes and completion of the courses and grasp of the subject matter.

Customized – Cost Effective LMS Solution

– Fully Customizable white-label LMS with perpetual IPR, based on open-source robust Moodle based architecture

– Mobile Compatible with cloud or intranet deployment

– Easy integration with external systems & third party tools

LMS Maintenance & Support

Comprehensive maintenance, support, and upgrades of Moodle-based LMS

LMS Administrative Services

Complete end to end LMS administration & day-to-day management of your LMS

Course Development and Management

– Direct learning paths

– Encourage Collaboration

– Embed External Resources

– Multimedia Integration

– Peer and Self-Assessment

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